Go! Shoo! Looky! Oozamaflips.net! Shoo, go there! Leave this place! Yes, it doesn't entirely work yet, but its shiny!
Why do 43 people feel the need to forward this to over 688 other people, when the goddamn spam mail is even spelt wrong!!!!
Dear Hotmail User,
We understand that you have previously recieved many messages that have state the 
colising of accounts not being used within our servers. This message, however, is your 
final warning. Within this message is encoded a small program that will located and 
debug your account when sent to fifteen other Hotmail users. If you do not send this 
message to fifteen Hotmail users within 24 hours of recieving this message, your 
account will be PERMANETLY SHUT-DOWN. When and if you send this, we 
herebygrant that you will no longer recieve such messages as this one.

We realize that this process is becoming an annoyance, however, this is 
the final message you will recieve from the Hotmail Announcement staff. 
Thank you for you time and cooperation.


Calvin W. Kreantz
MSN Accounts Coordinator

Why? why? why? I repeat, how can people be this stupid!!!! I despise humanity. Did I mention I hate people?
Mmm... KERASH!!! Yes, so new website down, this one remains. Updates shall be begun again shortly. New site shall be up in several months maybe, soon as the server gets sorted.
RAH!! We're moving soon. Very soon. From now on, oozamaflips.net it shall be. So, people update ya brains and ya bookmarks. The look is due to change a bit rather soon. All photo pages may be down for a short while, or at least not all the photos will be in the new database. This page here will no longer be updated, and within a few weeks will point simply at the new domain. :)
Yes, not much of site currently works. Photos might be down for a while. Lots of updating going on. And a shiny new photo database. A sparkly one!
Why do things always have to change? I really don't like change, which is crazy as I like computers so much and they're a constantly changing and growing field.
You know who you are, good luck in whatever you do, and all the *hugs* in the world.
'Lo, haven't updated for yonks, happy holidays all.
New photos up here: RAH!
What else.. what else.. not a lot... general site needs a lot of updating.. I'll get round ot it one day.. maybe...
Why I should not draw.

Broken up from school!!! yay!!! And, its nearly my dear websites birthday :) Its progressed a lot in the past year, there's photos of us folk, my utter madness revealed, and now pretty pictures for you to browse.

In a word: blah.
I have a really good excuse for not having updatedfor yonks. I blew up my computer: YAY ME!

And I have the plague :( *cough, sneeze, splutter, cough choke, sniffle* :(

I ordered new goodies from ebuyer. I had ice cream for breakfast. I sat and caught on lone gunman episodes instead of going to school. I'm 17 in 4 days. Today has been a good day.
I really hate people.
New Guestbook up and functioning, so all you people that signed the old one, you know you should go sign the new one.
[Edit]- not hating people quite so much now either.
Went back to school, surrounded once again by small children whose main aim in life seems to be to irritate me. How they manage to walk into me so much I have no idea, I'm not exactly small and pretty god damn hard to miss. I hate small people. Babies are cool, the ones that don't make must noise and have dinky fingernails and all they do is wriggle and sleep- they're cool. But, by Year 7 children have attitudes. And I hate them.
Come back happiness. I want to be smiley again. Only its too cold. And rainy. I hate Winter.
People. Some people, are just so great. Like, people I talk to, so complex, and... alive. I think I'm just in an 'awe of humanity' moment. Gah, too smiley- my face hurts. Doesn't help that I got hit in the jaw with a piece of two by four.
'Life is what you make it'. But I'm not making anything of mine. I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, if I suddenly disappeared it really would make very little difference, no difference at all in fact. Why does life as I know it depend so much on qualifications and money instead of common sense? Why do people not seem to matter? I've lost all sense of direction.
EEEP!!!! HL2 source got leaked!!!
w00t!! Wooohoo!! Wahey!! (etc)
I have a doody badge with my name on!!!
I GOT A JOB!!!! Yep, thats right, me, the lazy one, the one who very rarely leaves the house, the one who thought she should list 'stupidity' on the disability section of the application form, GOT A JOB!!!! I AM AN EMPLOYED TREE!!!!
My nails are really long. I could use them to gouge peoples eyes out.... AIEEEEEE!!!!
Also I propose a new way of counting, instead of the decimal system we will now use the badger system. It goes 'badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, snake!! Snake!!!' Because Weebl says so.
More photos up here, here and here.
I feel really weird today, like, really out of it, like i don't belong anywhere. Like I'm lost. Today, i just don't belong anywhere at all, not even in my own mind. I can't write like usual, cos its not going right, its like I'm missing out on loads of stuff, and its just annoying. Its like, i wanna shout, or something, just nothing is happening, its not going wrong, its just not going. Its like, everytime I find me, something changes and I get lost again. I'm feeling so weird if an alien landed next to me right now, i wouldn't think it was odd. I'm just crazy.
Bah, back at school :(. I have the worst timetable in the world, I don't get to go home early on a single day, or get up later either. And I have a few fun days where I have only two lessons, one first thing, and one last thing, so I have a fun four-odd hours hanging around school, and I can't leave. :-(
*Hysteric scream- I don't wanna go back to schoooool!!!*
I have to go back to school soon. How depressing is that?
I have scarey new glasses. They're bizarre. They make it so I can see.
Got results, got into Ecclesbourne, the teachers all think I'm nuts because I opened the envelope and shouted 'w00t'.
Jackass is the worst program every yet it still makes good tv in the early hours of the morning.
And I'm bored. Very bored. I have loads to do, but I can't be bothered to do any of it.
Oh dear, again.
And in other news: nothing.
Ok, so site is less broken than previously thought, and should now all be fixed. 'Should' being the key word there, any broken stuff, tell me and I'll fix it.
Teehhe- I'm so sad, I made A-team wallpapers, oh well.
This site is dead. And will remain so until I can be bothered to fix it. So, unless you know of a nice, free, ftp, or a pretty link-checker that fixs dodgy JPG/jpg links, or you have a lot of time on your hands, there is nothing interesting here. Now I'm going to bash my head againast the wall some more.
Aunt Bessie would be the best Aunt ever. Not only does she have a multi-million pound company, she also makes the best Yorkie Puddings ever!! And Great Pancakes!!! And now Roast Potatoes as well!!
More doofy index-thing-a-ma-jigs of my Madness in an effort for me to keep track of this ever-expanding website.
Clare's new word is 'Clock Radio'.
New, badly drawn, products from my warped mind and boredom.
I seem to have ran out of rants lately. Its terrible. Honest, it is. Clare suggest a do my usual and rant about how unfair life is. But I'm not in a depressed, complain about life mood, I'm more in a 'forgotten what emotions are anyway' mood. So, hmm, I'll shut up now. Actually, I won't. Oooo, I smell chips!!
Clare's madness is here.
UPDATE!!!- Clare now has her own little pit of madness- here.
[Edit]Ok, they unbanned me, and they're not bad folk really, I was just really annoyed at the time.
Quotes of the day, from the Otter, 'Can I colour in your badgers?' and, on me preaching the good aspects of MUDs, how they ARE social, and how great the cryo folks are, 'But you'll never meet your soulmate on there, they're all idiots', she just doesn't get it does she? She also came out with 'you're not real, you're just a figment of my animation'. The nutter.
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